Hier könnt ihr ausgewählte Alben vergangener Pre-Latenzen downloaden / Here you can download several albums of older projects from latenz network:


BLACKBURN – Earth on fire (2001)

This is dark, dirty and uncomfortable!

(members of Gladbeck City Bombing)                        Download


BLACKBURN- Burn (1999)

Blackburn’s first strike, recorded in Squat-Color Marseille.

(members of Gladbeck City Bombing)                        Download


Im Zweifelsfall – Post Neo After Retro (2010)

GuitarBassSpeechElectronic for people between yesterday and the day after tomorrow.

(members of T.R.A.F.O., 116 Inaktiv, Art Halk)         Download


Messerdisko – Deutschland du Bockwurst die Party ist vorbei! (2010)

“Punkstep is not dead” and “Metalton 4 life” for the youth against Rofl Disko. Incl. 2 Bonustracks!                                               

(members of Terrorrythmus, 116 Inaktiv, Art Halk)   Download

Sekundenschlaf – s/t (2005)

Postdeutschpunk to knock down your sofa.

(members of Hilko9000, 116 Inaktiv, Art Halk)                                Download